To enhance Taiwan’s independent research and development capabilities in the field of shipping technology and hope to make greater contributions to the country’s future ocean research, the "National Taiwan Ocean University School-level Intelligent Maritime Research Center" was formally established. The school actively cooperates with industry companies to cultivate outstanding students in the field of Intelligent shipping, and to enable students to improve their employment or innovation and entrepreneurial capabilities. After graduation, they can invest their research energy into related industries and society as a contribution, and look forward to the future through Intelligent shipping the research center can push the school's energy internationally and become the benchmark for Intelligent shipping research.


Necessity of establishment

This school in Marine science and technology research as the main body, is a top research teaching excellence and international first-class university, set up Intelligent Marine Research Center, wisdom of the long-term observation of Marine and advanced engineering technology research, and help our coastal ocean science and technology development and expansion, and increase to understand domestic maritime environment and management.

The center has set up Shipping Technology Group、Fishery Technology Group、Satellite Technology Group、Green Energy Technology Group、Intelligent Technology Group and Internet of Things Technology Group, which are responsible for various professional fields respectively.

Short-range planning

At the beginning, the center will focus on Marine monitoring with Automatic Identification System, unmanned system of reservoirs, hydrogen fuel energy, research and development of cubic satellite technology and the application of big data in artificial intelligence, and strive for national research programs. In addition, Automatic Identification System will be used to collect and analyze the data of Taiwan's coastal and offshore vessels, so as to establish a big data database of Taiwan's smart shipping.

Medium and long range planning

The pioneer of the school in Taiwan ocean research, also has advanced Marine engineering laboratory, but limited to turbine, merchant, transportation science, control, navigation, fishery, engineering department, information department, and so on various fields of professional technology cannot effectively integrate and research and development, to in the school set up wisdom shipping research center, combining with the excellent teachers of different disciplines and technologies, For future research and planning of related ocean engineering.

The center will also continue to conduct research and, through its professional team from industry and academia, guide the research teams to apply their research results to commercially valuable developments and help the industry solve technical problems.